Hi all,

We will do our absolute best to meet the challenges of working during this pandemic and will not compromise on quality or health practices. I understand that we may need to adjust our time frames and execution for projects. What this looks like ultimately depends on the availability of the client & space, and if we can achieve stylistic requirements and standards of your project photography during this time. We will be flexible during pre-production, production, and billing to ensure we meet the expectations of our clients and ourselves during this ever changing situation we’re faced with. 

Here are some of the options available to us:

  • Execute shoot(s) as planned with additional precautions. We will observe all federal, state, and local government laws or recommendations at the time of shoot. We can purposefully keep the number of shoot attendees as low as possible, including as bare-bones of an approach as just an assistant and the photographer. We will sanitize frequently, use gloves as needed, and exercise liberal social distancing measures during shoot time. We are taking social distancing practices seriously at home to ensure we are as healthy as possible. 
  • Decoupling exterior photography and interior photography. If you have a project that we are aiming to execute interior + exterior photography of, we could postpone the interior photography component until it makes sense. I will waive the cost normally associated with splitting a shoot into two days for all regional projects for as long as these restrictions are in place. Exterior photography is a more solitary act and does not involve confined spaces. We can coordinate in advance to ensure that social distancing is prioritized during exterior photography. 
  • After hours interior photography. We can leverage time off usual business hours to execute interior photography. We can photograph the spaces without people, or my assistant and I can stand in as models to help give the space activation. We will employ all common sense hygienic practices, including frequent hand washing, hand sanitizer, and wearing masks and gloves as needed. 
  • Utilize technology for shoot direction and collaboration. In all of the above options, we can bounce ideas and check in on progress via image texting or video conferencing + screen share. This can serve as a substitute for attending a shoot in person.

*All options laid out above can be applied to our video practices and workflow as well.

I’m sure many of you are experiencing numerous personal and business disruptions. Markets are behaving erratically, increasingly aggressive social distancing policies, children to juggle during work-at-home hours, and of course the worry about how this may affect our loved ones who are most vulnerable. It is a lot to take in. Things will inevitably be weird for a while. Whether or not you proceed with photography at this time is your call, but we’re up to the challenge. If you feel a need to postpone, we will be there to greet you on the other end and to make cool imagery together. Stay safe, and let us know how we can help.


Jason Keen + Co.